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Assorted Software

This page contains an assortment of software bits and pieces (and one or two larger projects), mostly concerned with typesetting and multi-lingual editing. I've given each item a quality description, as follows:

Scaling PDF/PS for A4

Papers published in most journals, or in LNCS, are on a smaller-than-A4 paper size. This is a pain, as we all have A4 printers. The autoscale Perl kludge takes a PDF or PostScript file as first argument or stdin, analyses the image page size, throws away outliers (such as the first page added by JSTOR), scales it to fit on A4 paper with 1cm margins, and sends the resulting PostScript to stdout. I usually print the result 2-up.

It assumes the usual bunch of stuff a TeX-hacker's Unix machine will have: specifically, pdftops (usually in poppler-tools), the Netpbm package, GhostScript, and pstops (usually in psutils).


My supported network Mah-Jong program is held elsewhere.

Printer drivers

My supported Unix driver program for the (sadly no longer made) Citizen Printiva and Alps MD printers is held elsewhere.

TeX and friends

I have a couple of supported fonts defined with Metafont for use with TeX; they are a little font containing the extra letters used for Old English text; Tolkien's tengwar and cirth; sans-serif math italic for Computer Modern.

The unsupported file rule.tex contains TeX macros which can be used to set proof trees (that grow downwards). You probably don't want to use them, since there must be dozens of LaTeX packages to do the task better.

Emacs, VM and friends

Here can be found small things for Emacs and VM.
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